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Life Cycle Management

A Unique Customized Solution from Start to Finish

We didn't just arrive on the scene yesterday.

In fact, for 26 years we carved out our niche by providing solutions to our customers based on their specific applications and needs. In that time, and over the ever-changing economy and rapid technology advances, we have continually provided the perfect match of Embedded Products, services and expertise with integrity.

Consultation / Discussion
From the first contact you'll notice a difference between us and the others. We don't want to sell you a computer; we want to find you a solution. And we do that, and have been doing it, for thousands of customers all over the world for over two decades.

We know what questions to ask. We learn about your application - what the environment is, what kind of performance you're expecting, what I/Os you're using, etc. We listen.

Integration / Engineering
Our first approach is always to leverage off-the-shelf hardware to keep costs down and decrease lead times. From there, we can customize the solution in-house, often eliminating costly engineering charges and minimum order quantity requirements that accompany OEM projects. 

Evaluation / Design
We'll provide initial evaluation units for testing and qualification, O/S image development, custom BIOS settings, and any certifications or testing logs necessary. We know you can't be expected to commit to large quantities, and that the buy cycle on Embedded Product can take months. We'll continue to work with you through the process until production approval, providing Engineering assistance and support.

Logistics and Consignment
After your project gets underway, we'll work with you on ship dates, lead times, and shipping methods. We ship all over the world.

We also offer something our competitors don't – consigned inventory at no cost. We'll accept blanket orders for up to a year, and keep a designated number of completed units in our bonded inventory for your release. We don’t invoice until we actually ship the product. This allows for easy pull-ins and push-outs, which we understand can happen at the will of YOUR customer.

Lifecycle Management
Our commitment is to provide exceptional support for the entire product we sell. With every item you purchase from Global, we offer:

  • • One year warranty on parts and labor (systems AND components)
  • • Extended warranty option
  • • Unlimited phone and email support by our US-Based Technical Team
  • • RMA returns to our US-Based office for quicker turnaround times and decreased shipping costs
  • • Designated Technical Account Manager who knows you and your application. You'll talk to the same person every time you contact us.

Your Account Manager will also manage the lifecycle of your product. This includes keeping you abreast of EOL components at least one year prior to last time buy to allow you time to plan as necessary. We'll also never send you product that’s had a change in revision without first letting you know and getting approval. We'll also provide viable and compatible replacement options.

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