Industrial Embedded Computer Systems, Motherboards & Peripherals

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We’re aware that you have many choices when it comes to the computer hardware you purchase. So what separates our company from the rest of those choices?


Our service staff, our technical expertise, our attention to those details that matter to you – all of these things combined with our wide range of products from GPS Modules and Video Capture Cards to Full size ATX and Mini ITX boards and systems, not to mention our expertise with Legacy technologies like ISA and PCI– make us the leader in US based Embedded Systems Integration.


Our company slogan “Integration Solutions for an Embedded World” refers not only to the extended availability we offer on ALL our products (5-7 years from inception) but also to the added value we bring to your embedded application.


Complete SOLUTION:

You’ll receive a total solution, complete with processor and memory recommendations, ensuring 100% viability, compatibility and longevity of your system. 100% of our product is fully tested, stressed and burnt-in, and comes with a certificate of compliance – this means NO DOAs. Your BIOS settings will be checked and double checked, and if installing Operating System software, all the drivers will be installed and tested prior to shipping.



Quality Assurance:

We test all our products with 0% failure tolerance. If our extensive testing indicates any failure, on any component of your system, the system is failed and new one is built and tested. You will never receive DOA product from us and our RMA rate is extremely low.



Customer Service:

Your contact at Global American is aware of your custom needs whether that request be for special packaging or BIOS changes – you won’t have to repeat your requests each and every time, they’ll be documented in our Process Control Document made for each and every build we design.



Warranty Options:

We offer a standard ONE YEAR warranty with all our products. This eliminates the timely chore of chasing down different vendors and managing multiple warranties. Upon request, we can offer an extended warranty for an additional cost. Please inquire with your customer service representative.



High Level Technical Assistance:

Our highly trained and customer-focused technicians are located right here in NH, and will respond to your inquiries within a few hours. All of our technicians are hands on system builders. They know the products and your application.



Software Imaging and Development:

Global will gladly, and for a minimal cost, image your software onto your system. We require no minimum order quantity for this, like others may. We are also a partner with BSquare, a global leader in embedded software solutions, enabling us to provide our customers with Microsoft Windows Embedded operating system and licensing that will be available through the entire lifecycle of your product.



Off-The-Shelf Systems for Specific Applications:

Our BluStar line of products is custom made and off-the-shelf solutions for specific applications like Digital Signage, In-Vehicle and Surveillance. However, if you don’t see specifically what you need, just contact us, we have the flexibility to redesign some of these systems to fit your specific needs, at a low price point.



Custom Component Design:

Because we specialize in custom integration, we have the means to get you that special cable you need, or that special fan or cooling assembly that will complete your application. We can also custom design boards, chassis, cooling solutions, etc. based on your specifications, and in only a few weeks. Please inquire with your sales representative.



Why don’t you see pricing on our website?

Most people today are used to searching, finding and buying with the click of the finger, and this is a great way to get what you need immediately. We certainly understand that. But we also understand the importance of having personal, customized assistance, and that every application is different in some way. We’ll happily sell you just a motherboard, but would rather work with you to integrate it with processor, memory, add-ons cards and an enclosure, providing a turnkey solution that’s been tested and stressed, guaranteeing 100% compatibility and viability. The testing and one-on-one customer-service is just part of our Added Value Guarantee.