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Why are there no prices on our website?

Many customers come to our site and email us or call us asking why we don’t provide pricing for our products on our website. Our answer is always, “we are Embedded System Integrators, and we prefer to build you a custom system based on your exact application requirements”. This is true, but there is more to it, though.
We’ve been in business now for almost 24 years, and in that time we’ve built long-term relationships with hundreds of customers who return to us for all their computer hardware. They come back because of the exceptional one-on-one customer service and support we offer, in addition to best pricing in the market.
Today every one of our competitors would prefer to take the personal element out of the sale, after all, it’s easier to just sell something online and let the customer figure out if it works for them or not, and if not, gladly charge them a restocking fee, in addition to burying them with RMA paperwork; not Global.
We’ll work with you starting at first contact to ensure that what you’re getting is what you NEED. Our Sales staff is highly trained in our product and able to intelligently discuss with you what will work and what won’t; they aren’t just call center order takers. We also have a large technical support staff to conduct follow up on any issues that arise after the sale, whether it be BIOS issues or power requirements.
It’s this personal approach that has made us so successful.
We do understand, though, in a world where immediate gratification is king, many want to see a price immediately. But we are so much more than just a price, and want the opportunity to prove that to you.
Once you request a quote, we are very quick in responding (sometimes within minutes), and we won’t follow up more than a couple of times to ensure you received the quote and to check for questions. We also won’t put you on any mailing list (unless you specifically subscribe).
Pricing is important, and we know that the economy of today dictates that a customer look at the price first, and the added value second. Please give us a chance to prove we can provide exceptional pricing in addition to the added value services, giving you a all-around better return on investment than just purchasing with a click on some other website.
We’re happy to answer any questions about this, please let us know. And we’re always open for comments as well. We’ll look forward to hearing from you.
The Global American Team