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IMB-9154-R10 Industrial Micro ATX Motherboard with LGA 775 for Intel Pentium 4 / Celeron D series processors

SKU: 2801320

The 2801320 industrial motherboard features the most advanced PCI Express bus that delivers over three times more bandwidth than PCI and AGP8X buses. The board is designed for Intel(r) Pentium(r) 4 processors supporting Hyper-Threading (HT) Technology in the LGA775 package with system bus of 800/533MHz for greater system performance.

With its long term availability (5+ years from the date of inception), it is the perfect solution for all of your low-power industrial computing requirements.
Although this product has been discontinued, we may still be able to provide it or a suitable replacement. Please call technical sales at 800-833-8999 or 603-886-3900 outside the U.S. or for immediate assistance, use our live chat feature, or use the Contact Us form

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