Industrial Embedded Computer Systems, Motherboards & Peripherals

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We get that sometimes you want to click and buy but for those custom and more difficult hardware challenges, we offer technical sales reps who are knowledgeable, with exceptional customer service skills, to walk you through the process. You can’t get that on an e-commerce site!

Best Specs

We won’t sell you anything we haven’t experimented with ourselves. Our specs are based on our Engineers’ first-hand experience with every board, system, and peripheral; they’re accurate and you can rely on them. Try getting that from an off-shore website.

R.O.I. Guarantee

You want an investment gain when you source an embedded computer solution for your business or for your customer. Global American is the SINGLE SOURCE you need for product, support and service. We are not satisfied until our customer is, and we 100% guarantee that!


We’re proud to be a US-based company with worldwide reach. Our customers range from universities and small businesses to large Fortune 500 enterprises and government . If you need it, we’ll get it to you, no matter where you are.                    

We Partner With Companies World-wide to Give You Flexibility and Product Variety