Fanless PC

Compact, Reliable Computing Power.

Industrial strength, low power systems are in high demand. Global American is proud to offer a variety of fanless PCs that are customizable to suit your needs. These small form factor systems feature a variety of motherboards, CPUs, memory and peripherals to make sure you get the right system for the right project.

Car PCs or carputers need to be rugged, compact and quiet. These mini PCs are ideal for use as vehicle computers. Hospitals and medical environments need systems that are quiet and available for long-term.

These systems are the ideal choice for applications that must be reliable and quiet, and are used in rugged environments. Any application can benefit from a powerful system with no moving parts, and you get that with Global American’s line of products. We understand Industrial Computing.

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Advantages of a Fanless PC

  • Noiseless Operation
  • The absence of fans enables silent operation, ideal for medical or other environments where silence is essential
  • No Dust or Debris Build-up
  • Traditional systems with fans can draw in and push out dust and other particles and debris. This build-up can adversely affect performance
  • No Moving Parts
  • Mechanical, moving parts are susceptible to failure. When a fan fails, it can compromise the entire unit leading to down-time, data loss and repairs
  • Cleaner Running for Sterile Environments
  • Besides failure, the dust and debris associated with system fans can cause air quality problems in sterile environments.
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